Create the Ultimate Travel Bucket List with These 16 Must-See Destinations

We all wonder “what makes up the ultimate travel bucket list?”

Answer: amazing places to travel.

We all have a list of travel destinations we want to see before we kick the bucket. All the locations on our list will make for amazing trips. But it is hard to pick places to travel too when there’s so much out there. That’s why this list only has must see world destinations on it. Each destination will make for a unique travel experience.

1. Grand Canal – Venice, ITALY

Next to eating authentic Italian food riding in a gondola through Venice, Italy must be on your bucket list. While riding through the Grand Canal you’ll see historical buildings with amazing architecture such as

  • Ca’ d’Oro (“golden house”)
  • Santa Maria della Salute
  • Doge’s Palace

Make sure you pass under the Rialto Bridge.

2. Red Pyramid – Cairo, EGYPT

Located in Dahshur necropolis in Cairo, Egypt. The Red Pyramid, also known as the North Pyramid, was the first smooth-sided pyramid. It is the third largest pyramid is Egypt. You can explore its three chambers, one a burial chamber.

You can ride a camel to this location- who doesn’t want to do that?

3. London Eye – London, ENGLAND

The London Eye is one of the best ways to take in the views of London. England’s tallest Ferris wheel standing at 443 feet tall. You will enter a capsule that you are free to move about. It takes about 30 minutes to do a complete rotation and it never stops. So, you’ll get a complete view of London. 

4. Machu Picchu – PERU

After being abandoned for over 100 years, people flock to see the sunset over its monuments. With over 30,000 steps throughout this site, here are some highlights to check out

  • The Temple of the Sun
  • Room of the Three Windows
  • Royal Palace
  • Ritual Fountain
  • Intihuatana
  • And much more

You can get a true sense of how the Inca lived. It’s a once in a lifetime visit.

5. Great Barrier Reef – AUSTRALIA

Off the coast of Queensland, Australia you can explore the Great Barrier Reef. As the world’s largest coral reef, it is home to thousands of different species.

This location is deemed one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s not hard to understand why. With all the life it provides and beauty it gives off.

Fun fact: you can see the Great Barrier Reef from space

6.  Grand Canyon – Arizona, UNITED STATES

In Arizona, another one of the seven natural wonders of the world. At a whopping 10 miles, across, 277 miles long it’s an amazing site of natural events. You can hike this fascinating location. With its bright red color, it’s a gorgeous site for photography. It’s on the list of must-see places in the USA.

 7.   Iguazu Falls

Located on the border of Misiones, Argentina and Parana, Brazil. At 269 feet, tall it is the largest water fall system in the world.

It has hiking trails surrounding it so you can get a complete view of the breath-taking falls. The best view is at Devil’s Throat; there you can see the mouth of this waterfall and be splashed with water.

8. Waikiki Beach – Honolulu, HAWAII

Once you land in the tropical state of Honolulu, Hawaii you’re greeted with flower leis. Who doesn’t want that?

You can explore what was once home to Hawaiian royalty. Waikiki Beach is a perfect location to relax get a tan and swim in the clear blue waters. Seeing the sunset here is a must for your bucket list.

Visitors can take surfing lessons, live music, and traditional dancing.

Offshore, there is world class shopping and dining.

9. Trevi Fountain – Rome, ITALY

Rome, Italy home to easily the most beautiful fountain in the world.                                                                  

Known as the Virgin Aqueduct. This fountain depicts:

  • Oceanus’ chariot being pulled by two sea horses
  • One seahorse is wild and the other is docile- representing the moods of the ocean
  • Two Tritons are leading the sea horses- one holding a twisted shell that announces their arrival 

Legend says if you throw a coin into this fountain you’re guaranteed another trip to Rome.

10. Summer Palace – Beijing, CHINA

The Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing’s purpose is to provide harmony with nature. It does this with all its peaceful gardens, pavilions, and temples. Each building is so pleasing to look at with the architecture and paintings.

Being mostly surrounded by lakes connects you with nature and gets you out of the busy hustle and bustle of Beijing’s city life. You can take a boat ride to one of the island temples.

11. The Northern Lights

There are many places to see the Northern light but Reykjavik, Iceland must be one of the best.

Obviously, you should avoid the light pollution during the night. You can see the Aurora lights by walking, cars, and different tours. October through March is the official best time to see the Aurora lights.

This is a place to go before you die.

12. Muyil – MEXICO

Located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula’s coast. Muyil was one of the longest inhabited Mayan sites. It was mainly used for the Mayans trading of goods.

You can see structures such as:

  • The Castillo has an upper temple that has ancient paint from the Mayans
  • Sacbe System
  • Temple 8 served as a sanctuary

This location is one of the things you need to see before you die.

13. Perissa Black Sand Beach – Santorini, GREECE

Santorini, Greece is home to a unique beach with black sand and clear waters. Although the sand isn’t the main attraction, it’s a rock.

Mesa Vouno has ancient city ruins on top if it and provides an amazing view of the ocean. You can climb this rock or you can take a tour that drives you to the top.

14. Taj Mahal – Agra, INDIA

 The Taj Mahal is in Agra, India. The emperor Shah Jahan had it built in remembrance of his favorite wife. It is on the right bank of the Yamuna River, embodying 17 hectares containing:

  • The main gate
  • 984 feet of gardens
  • Mosque
  • Guest house
  • The tombs of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal

This site has elegant and exceptional architecture that contains semi-precious and precious stones in the detailed decorations.

15. Arc de Triomphe – Paris, FRANCE

At the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France the Arc de Triomphe stands.

This monument is dedicated to all the soldiers who fought for their country. The names of the wars and the generals who served are engraved into the arch. Underneath the arch is the grave of the unknown solider from WWI. In honor of the unknown soldier, there is a memorial flame burning for him.

This site is world famous and for good reason. It’s beautiful and is dedicated to the men that fought for their country.

16. Urquhart Castle – Scotland

Scotland’s Urquhart Castle gives a hint of how medieval life was. From exquisite banquet halls to dreary prison cells. Many historical events happened at this site- you’ll have to find those out for yourself.

Seeing how this grand castle is located right on Loch Ness you might catch a glimpse of Scotland’s famous myth, the Loch Ness Monster.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Travel Bucket List

If you have a hankering to create a world travel bucket list these places are for sure amazing things you should see before you die. If you have been to any of these places comment below and let others know what they’re like and what they can do!

Ashley King

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