Learn How to Master Time Management with the Slice Planner by Evopaper


Life already requires a lot of juggling, but with the Slice Planner, you can take away one pin. We all have that torn relationship with loving a paper planner but needing everything digital.

Almost everything is digital now, including your planners and calendars. But what’s the easiest way to sync or keep track of everything?

The Slice Planner marries the paper planner and technology to keep your daily life organized. You may be a bit confused on how the two can work together, but at the end of the article, you’ll be amazed.

What is a Slice Planner Exactly?


The Slice Planner is a Kickstarter project created by the visionaries of Evopaper. Their idea of the Slice Planner was to develop a hybrid organization system that combines digital and paper without losing efficiency.

The growth of technology allows for the innovation of amazing advancements like the discovery of augmented reality and real time data. In short, the description of the Slice Planner allows for the combination of a paper planner with a digital calendar.

But how does this work?

Getting into more of the details on the planner later, the book is connected to an app that uses an extraordinary system with augmented reality. The digital side of the app allows you to capture information and shares it on your favorite digital calendars included with Apple, Google and Outlook.

Features of the Digital Notebook


With the era of minimalism and sleek design, the designers of the Slice Planner generated a look that will work for everyone. The outside of the notebook is genuine Italian leather. This quality material means your planner will last a long time. The notebook is available in two different styles and four colors.

Leather cover colors:

  • Desert Yellow
  • Ocean Blue

Hard cover colors:

  • Coral Orange
  • Steel Gray

The beautiful covers of the planner are just the beginning of the product. The planner’s size is 8” by 5.5”, which is an ideal size to carry and travel with it. The planner has 224 pages of acid-free premium Swedish paper. This paper quality is beneficial for sketching and writing. The planner also includes two dual-colored bookmarks to enhance organization and lies flat to add comfort to writing.

The inside layout of the planner is organized with two different styled pages. The left page is for planning, where you can put your schedule to connect to the app. The right side of the page is blank so you can take notes and sketches as your day goes on. The rest of the features of the Planner includes:

  • 10 perforated pages in the back of the book
  • Dot grid included in each day’s spread
  • Leather covers can be reused

The two different styles of the Slice Planner have different prices. The leather cover planner costs $34 and the hard cover costs $24. What a steal for an amazing advancement in technology and organizational efficiency.

How the Slice Planner App Works


Now time to get into the tech side of this amazing development. At this point, you may be wondering how the paper and the digital app work hand in hand. The paper part of the planner connects to the augmented feature in the app.

So, let’s break down how this works. On the left side of the planner shows the image of the clock. The pages are not in any sort of order, so you can start using the planner at any time and it will work.

With the image of the clock, you shade in your schedule like seen in the image below. The clocks layout is that of an analog clock, and the maximum capacity that you can put in the diagram is 12 hours.

Once you’ve shaded in your schedule, this is where the app plays a part. The app that is correlated with the slice Kickstarter is free and can be downloaded on any Smartphone. The app is called Slice Planner app and is built to sync to your digital calendars like Google, Outlook, or Apple. It allows for flexibility and works to make your digital calendar experience easy and flexible. The features of the Slice app include:

Events Digitizing 


This feature allows you to merge the paper planner with the filled-out image of the clock where you shaded your events. This feature syncs to your digital calendars across the board and allows you to add or change anything that comes up.

When the clock is scanned by the app, it transfers over the clock digitally so you have your calendar not only on paper but also digitally.

From there again, you can easily sync to your other digital calendars to stay organized. The drawn image of the clock and the digital image look the same based on what you shaded in.

Augmented Mode


This feature in the notebook app is to determine if you double booked events. How this feature works is simple. Pull it up on the app and choose the augmented feature. From there, scan over the image of your analog clock and it will show you in real time what events you have, and which ones may be overlapping. The events that are overlapping will be shown in red.

From there, you can click on the red sections and make changes if need be. This feature can save you from not knowing when you have two items scheduled at the same time.  

Smart Crop


The smart crop feature is used more specifically for the notes that you take. This feature can be used within the Slice Planner and any other flat surface that you may be writing on. This feature saves information you may need and allows you to save the image and send or share it to yourself or others. How the feature works is again simple.

All you must do is draw a circle around the notes you want saved, go to the smart crop feature in the app, it scans the image and from there you can share it with yourself. This feature is useful in that you can have quick and easy access to the notes that you have taken.

Advanced Sharing


The advanced sharing section allows you to send anything that you use or capture in the app to yourself. The sharing app works with Outlook, Apple, Google, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, One Note, and even more. This feature allows you to have an easy to use digital calendar while keeping your beloved paper planner.

More about How the Slice Planner Works


I know what you’re thinking. This invention is the best of both worlds. So now we are going to give a quick overview again of how the app will work.

Step-By-Step Breakdown of How to Use the Slice Planner

  • The Slice Planner is separated by the two pages. The left side has the image of the analog clock where you shade in your schedule. The right side is blank so you write in notes or sketches from your day.
  • On the left side, shade in your schedule for what you have going on that day.
  • Pull up the Slice Planner app to get ready to transfer over your paper analog clock to your digital calendars.
  • From there you use the features on the app of digitizing and the augmented mode. When you pull up the app, scan your drawn-in analog clock to have it be transferred over to the app. Once it is transferred over, it pulls up the same clock but in a digital version. You can use the augmented mode on the app to make and see changes real time. Once your daily calendar is transferred over to the app, you can sync it to your digital calendars that you have with other programs.
  • Additional features of the app are located on the bottom part of the paper planner. At the bottom, you will see three small icons. These icons include an envelope, a cloud, and a calendar. When you are getting ready to share your calendar, if you want it emailed to you, cross out the envelope and it will automatically email to you. The same thing follows for the sharing cloud and calendar. If you cross out these items, you can share it immediately, or sync it to your digital calendar. This feature is easy and allows you to quickly share information or notes that you may need.

Combining the Physical and Digital Features Gives You the Best of Both Worlds


This technological development will not only create a more effective way to stay organized, but it will also allow you to keep both mediums you love. You can use this product daily. And if you miss a day, don’t worry you can pick up at any time and it will still work. Evopaper created the Slice Planner with students and business professionals in mind

The physical and internal features of the product are beneficial to the targeted audience’s busy schedules. Since the product and app were created for efficiency, this product is perfect for anyone that needs to keep track of what they have going on.

For those who love keeping a planner, you may be torn between your digital and paper planner. Your paper planner is almost a safety net of your schedule, and having it physically with you allows you to make easy changes.

Not only this, but there is this feeling of comfort having a tangible item with you and it is yours. Some of you might not like the idea of getting rid of your paper planner and committing fully to a digital calendar. But with the Slice Planner, you can use both in a more efficient way.

Final Thoughts on the Newest Combination of Paper and Digital Calendar

This product not only organizes your time, but it also saves you time. You’ll receive a QR code to set up the planner and app after you purchase. 

Since this is a Kickstarter project, there is a timeline and the product is still in the works. Evopaper should have a second batch delivery of the notebooks in March of 2017. Prior to that, there was an iOS app and Android app release so that customers can use the app with the notebook.

Overall, there have been some shipping and app issues. But that is something that will change with time, based upon the further development of the app.  

If you are someone who struggles to juggle an efficient schedule but still want to use a paper planner, the Slice Planner will work for you. This product highlights the technological developments of augmented reality, but it also gives busy working and studying people to keep themselves organized.

Since this technology is newly developing, Evopaper will have a great head start into this idea. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Mardi Elwood

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