The Odorless SilverAir Sock is Changing the Sock Game Forever


The SilverAir Sock aims to solve the problem of smelly socks with the infusion of silver into your everyday socks. This idea began its journey as a Kickstarter created by the company Y Athletics.

Y Athletics is a company based in Los Angeles, California that aims to make clothing that simplifies your wardrobe with its high-tech gear. Their products, including the SilverAir Sock, are possible because of funding from Kickstarter.

Between Silver Air Sock’s unique materials and its noteworthy durability, we’ll go through what makes this sock worth paying attention to.

Some Background on These Silver-Infused Socks


This product is one of several in the Y Athletics’ line of active wear. All their products used Kickstarter to bring their clothing ideas into reality. The team at Y Athletics aims to create comfortable clothing with advanced technology that is more than your typical active wear.

The Silver Air Sock became a reality after the success of the SilverAir Shirt. They worked on developing their next product and came up with the SilverAir Sock as the next addition to their active wear collection.

This sock has several of the usual materials, such as wool, acrylic, nylon, and spandex. When you grab any sock from the store, you can usually find a mixture of these materials give or take. However, the SilverAir Sock is different in that it incorporates pure silver into the mix. Y Athletics figured out a way to harness Silver’s natural ability to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and add it to active wear.

Anti-Stink Socks for the Gym-Goer or the Traveler


The SilverAir Sock is sold on the Y Athletics website for $15 for a pair of the ankle socks and $18 for a pair of the crew socks. The sock focuses on areas with the most sweat that lead to odor. Their goal is to solve the problem of smelly socks with technology while remaining comfortable and practical.

You can use these socks as your everyday go to socks. However, you could also wear them especially for long trips or when you go to the gym due to their long-lasting anti-stink property. These socks were designed to be comfortable and odorless so you can have long-lasting odor protection wherever you are.

This sock is for people who want to combat the well-known sock stink. For athletes, travelers, or everyday sock-wearers, their needs match up with the qualities of this sock. The comfort and anti-odor technology that Silver Air Socks strive for cater to people that want clothing that can keep up with them. 

Features of this Odorless Sock

These socks manage to combine the traditional comfort and fit of socks with an advanced technology that allows them to stand out. Their innovative materials, unique style, and long-lasting freshness may give you a reason to try out a pair for yourself.

SilverAir Sock Materials


As its name suggests, the Silver Air Sock incorporates the metallic element silver into its material mixture. Silver is known to neutralize bacteria that it makes contact with, so it is an effective anti-stink material. The bacteria that accumulates from sweat on your feet are taken care of with the SilverAir Sock. Silver is infused into the areas that tend to sweat the most to prevent the odor associated with socks.

This sock also has materials that we are familiar with. The fabric is made of a blend of Merino Wool from Australia that is used to feel soft, wick moisture, and regulate temperature. These traits are important in any sock, but particularly with any type of athletic gear. The other materials that go into creating this sock are Nylon, Acrylic, and Spandex.

These materials give the SilverAir Sock its odor resistant, comfortable, and durable traits that the company aimed to achieve.

SilverAir Sock Styles: Colors, Sizes, and Cuts


Silver Air Socks come in a variety of colors to spice up both the anti-stink freshness and the look that comes along with wearing these socks. Their socks come in black, gray, blue, red, green, and white in the ankle sock. The crew sock only comes in black and gray.

Their socks are available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The medium covers a 7 to 9.5 in Men’s shoe sizes and 6 to 9.5 in women’s shoe sizes. The large covers a 10 to 12.5 in Men’s shoe sizes and 10 and above in women’s sizes. The Extra Large is for Men’s shoe sizes that are size 13 or larger and only come in Jet Black.

The SilverAir Sock comes in the ankle sock and the crew sock. The difference between the two cuts is the crew sock is $3 more and only comes in black and gray. Both versions hold the same materials associated with Silver Air Socks.

Where Does Silver Air Sock Quality Stand?

The team at Y Athletics developed their Silver Air Sock so that it both the freshness and the material could stand the test of time. They added nylon to the mixture for durability and spandex for the ability to stretch back to its original shape. They also used seamless knitting with the addition of vent panels so that the sock didn’t have stitches yet remained comfortable.

To prove the two-week durability standard, a backer from the first SilverAir Sock campaign road bike for two weeks with the same pair of socks. Over those two weeks, the backer was able to cover 800 miles with one pair of Silver Air Socks. In addition to this extreme testing, the team at Y Athletics wear their Silver socks every day.

What Makes Silver Air Socks Unique?

The addition of the metallic element to the features like the vent panels or seamless knitting creates an overall unique product. Y Athletics has developed this sock so that it addresses issues that are associated with socks and athletic clothing. Also, Y Athletics has both established its company but also funded its line of silver infused activewear with the help of its Kickstarter pages.

FAQ: SilverAir Socks Warranty and Shipping

The Y Athletics team has a durability guarantee on all its socks. They guarantee that if your socks rip or tear within one year of your purchase, they’ll replace them for free.

Shipping is free for all orders within the United States. There may be import duties, taxes, or brokerage fees that international customers are responsible for.

Their Kickstarter page advertises that their three pair of socks comes with a travel case as packaging. The SilverAir Sock and shirt order come with a water resistant gym bag as packaging.

Odorless Socks Kickstarter Status

Y Athletics first created a Kickstarter for this product in 2015. The project was brought to life with more than 5,000 backers pledging $385,268. This funding allowed the Silver Air Sock to not only be fully funded but also expand to different colors. You can now order the socks from the Y Athletics website.

The team at Y Athletics continued to develop the sock to the point of creating another Kickstarter for the Silver Air Sock 2.0. This Kickstarter is still in progress but has already passed the goal with more than $150,000 pledged.

The Kickstarter page says that this 2.0 version of the sock is five times as durable as the previous version, as well as expanding the silver to cover the entire sock. They also added a silicone grip at the ankle, cushioning on the bottom, and high strength yarns at the more abrasive areas of the sock.

SilverAir Socks Reviews: Smelly or Fresh?

Customer reviews on the Y Athletics website have included high ratings. While the 2.0 version may fix some issues, some reviews say that the original sock has some problems with the silver fraying.

Other than that issue, reviews have supported the abilities of Silver Air Socks. The anti-stink property seems to hold up, as well as the comfort for athletes and travelers.

Final Thoughts on SilverAir Socks

The SilverAir sock is still in its young developing stage, but it’s making progress. You can now pre-order the 2.0 version of the sock on its Kickstarter page. With the success of Y Athletics’ first sock, the 2.0 version followed suit. More than 2,000 backers pledged $180,000 for the new and improved SilverAir Sock.

So far, this sock seems to be making progress towards solving the notorious problem of smelly feet. Y Athletics is still in its beginning stages. However, its success on Kickstarter shows that SilverAir Socks are a force to be reckoned with in the future of the sock business.


The SilverAir Sock Kickstarter Campaign is over! If you’re looking to order your own pair of SilverAir socks then head on over to yathletics.com now!

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