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As a runner, I hate seeing litter along the streets and nature areas I run in. I especially hate seeing plastic water bottles litter the ground. I understand that plastic water bottles are a pain to carry. Especially when running, but the earth shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

I know that many adventurous travelers, workout fanatics, and busy moms tend to share my same need for a water bottle that will be able to handle our fast-paced lifestyles. Normal water bottles are bulky, nondurable, a hassle to carry around, and harmful to the environment.

queFactory presents a solution to these irritating problems. A solution known as the que Bottle! A stylish bottle that is a collapsible water bottle. Brought to you from queFactory and Kickstarter.

About queFactory – the Company Behind the que Bottle

Co-founders Jean and Kevin were tired of attending music festivals where plastic water bottles were constantly being thrown away. They wanted an environmentally friendly and portable water bottle to take anywhere.

They launched their product on Kickstarter in October of 2016. They quickly achieved their fundraising goal. They began production in November of 2016. Their compactable water bottles began shipping in December of 2016.

So What is the que Bottle?


These collapsible silicone water bottles come in two sizes. The 20-ounce bottle when empty can be compressed into a 4.8-inch cube. While the 12-ounce bottle can be compressed into a slightly smaller cube.

The cap is made of stainless steel and is leak-proof. The que Bottle is made out of silicone, is BPA free, and is taste and odor free.

One of my favorite features is that the que Bottle is designed to hold hot beverages up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also dishwasher safe!

These stylish water bottles come in six breathtaking colors: iceberg blue, sunbeam orange, metallic charcoal, glacier white, key lime green, and violet purple.

What Makes the que Bottle So Unique?


What makes the que Bottle unique is that it is plastic and BPA free, but is also collapsible. The water bottle has a unique spiral design that allows the bottle to compress into a cube. Making it easy to travel with!

The problem with plastic and aluminum bottles is that they are bulky to carry around. They can also leave a bad taste in the water. The que Bottles, on the other hand, are odorless and tasteless.

Another great feature is that they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. The que Bottles don’t have pores that bacteria can hide and grow in.

Unlike plastic or aluminum bottles, these collapsible travel water bottles are 100% recyclable! They are able to decompose and will not harm the environment.

What Kind of Warranty Does this Bottle Have?

If your que Bottle has a manufacturer defect you are able to email [email protected] within 30 days and request a new one.

If you damage your que Bottle within 60 days of purchase you are able to request a new one. Just send a picture to the email above with an explanation of how it was broken!

If for some reason you change your mind and no longer want your que Bottle, you are able to return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The que Bottle must be unused and in new condition.

Does queFactory Ship to You?


queFactory only ships to the U.S. and Canada. The website says that the product will deliver in 1 to 4 business days. But, there are a lot of complaints of customers not getting their que Bottle for over a month.

Where Can You Buy the que Bottle?


The online store only ships to the U.S. and Canada. Other online stores you can purchase this product from are Amazon and the Grommet.

Some travel stores also carry these amazing que Bottles. queFactory also has some pop-up shops floating around.

How Much Does the que Bottle Cost?

At quebottle.com you can buy the 12-ounce bottles for 19.95 a piece or the 20-ounce bottles for 24.95 a piece. Amazon and the Grommet will have the same pricing.

Overall, I am intrigued by these silicone bottles. I like the idea of being able to carry a water bottle with me, but when finished I can easily fit it into a small bag or purse.

I further researched the product to see what other people were saying about que Bottles. After doing my research I found several pros and cons.

The Pros: Here’s What I Think is Great About the Product!

It’s Compactable and Convenient

As a runner, a light compactable water bottle would be great for running! That way as I run, not only do I stay hydrated, but I also get lighter!

Unfortunately, I am a runner who does not like to carry anything at all. Even watches are annoying to wear while I run. But, I know many runners who do run with water bottles and would love a travel bottle like the que Bottle.

It Can Hold Hot Liquids

I love hot beverages, especially hot chocolate. It would be great to carry a product in my purse with a hot drink without worrying about it leaking.

The Bottle is Environmentally Friendly

Don’t you hate throwing away so many plastic water bottles? I see so many plastic bottles littering the ground and it is frustrating.

Another issue I have with plastic water bottles is that they all look the same. I have three other people in my home. We are constantly mixing our water bottles because we can’t tell them apart!

The que Bottle is reusable. This lessens your impact on the environment. What if it falls out of your bag while hiking? You will be sad, but the environment will not be! que Bottles are decomposable and non-harmful to the environment.

These stylish water bottles also solve the confusion of whose bottle is whose. There are eight stylish colors to choose from. You can have one color for each of your family member!

The Cons: Here are Some Concerns I Have About the Product

Is it Really Durable?

The que Bottle is a great idea. But there are many reviews complaining of receiving manufacturer defects. Or reviews of the product breaking within a few uses.

I can understand having a few complaints here and there about a manufacturing defect that causes the bottle to be weak.

But, there are a significant amount of comment reviews that say their que Bottles soon broke within a few uses. I would hate to spend the money on something that did not hold up like it said it would.

Is it Really Leak Proof?

There are multiple complaints of the product leaking from the lid. Or even having holes within the first few uses.

Again, I would not worry too much if there were fewer complaints of this. But, there are a significant amount of complaints of bottles leaking that I would cause me to pause before purchasing a que Bottle.

Does the Company Have Good Customer Service?

There are multiple reviews complaining about poor customer service. These complaints also state that shipping takes months. They felt disappointed because queFactory said that the bottles would ship in 1 to 4 business days.

For some, this may be a deal breaker. I know some people boycotting major companies simply because of their poor customer service. But, for me, not a huge deal. Especially if the product functions how it is supposed to.

Is it Odorless?

The queFactory says that the que Bottles odorless. But, there are a few complaints that there is a lingering odor even after a few washes.

One review did say there was a slight silicone smell, but it went away after one wash. Other reviews complain that this silicone smell does not go away.

I wouldn’t mind if the odor washes out. But what if this odor is permanent? I wouldn’t like to smell something bad each time I went to take a drink. Or I wouldn’t want the bottle’s smell to rub off onto my purse, backpack, or running belt.

Should You Buy the que Bottle?

The idea of the que Bottle is fantastic and ideal for anyone on the go.The que Bottle is a collapsible water bottle that comes in 12 ($19.95) and 20 ($24.95) ounce sizes. When full the bottles are cool silicone spirals and when compressed they become light and portable cubes.  Unfortunately, there are some concerns that may make you reconsider purchasing this product.

When full the bottles are cool silicone spirals and when compressed they become light and portable cubes.  Unfortunately, there are some concerns that may make you reconsider purchasing this product.

Here are the Pros:

  • Compactable and convenient
  • Holds hot liquids
  • Environmentally friendly (re-usable and decomposes safely into environment)

Here are the Cons:

  • Complaints of non-durableness
  • Complaints of leaking
  • Complaints of poor customer service
  • Complaints of bottle giving off odor

Your Options:

Although there are these concerning cons, they are a new company. When you start a new product there will always be bugs to the design and process. These designs and shipping complaints are of serious concern.

I hope that they will quickly resolve these concerns and perfect their product. Their idea is a worthy one and could help many solve their water bottle needs!

I hope that they will quickly resolve these concerns and perfect their product. Their idea is a worthy one and could help many solve their water bottle needs!

  • Option 1:
    • You may want to wait to buy this product so that these design flaws can be resolved. So that way when you purchase one at a later date, you will not be disappointed!
  • Option 2:
    • You may want to try your luck and buy the product. There are plenty of comments with satisfied customers.
  • Option 3:
    • You may not want to buy this product. If the product is exactly as queFactory says it is, then it would be a great product for the price. But, because of the serious cons and negative reviews, I would be wary of buying this water bottle. Especially if I may not be able to get a return on it.

Final Thoughts on the que Bottle From Kickstarter

I would like to wait and hope that queFactory will resolve some of those concerns I mentioned above. Maybe after college I will reconsider purchasing a que Bottle. It seems like it would be a useful product for any travel adventure or long distance run!

Shirley Estes

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