Master Meal Planning with Today’s Modern Lunchbox: The Prepd Pack from Kickstarter


The Prepd Company, located in San Francisco, California, has a simple mission. Healthy living made easier through good design. They realized that eating out every day for lunch was piling up quite a bill. And figuring out grocery lists and finding healthy recipes was too time-consuming.

From these ideas came the launching of their product, the Prepd Pack. It gives the old paper sack lunchbox a much-needed upgrade. With its sleek, modern look and easy to use features, the Prepd Pack offers an efficient way to eat healthy, without spending a fortune.

The Prepd Pack vs. The Average  Lunchbox


The Prepd Pack isn’t just a lunchbox – it’s a smart way to pre-pack your meals and figure out those portion sizes to make healthy eating easier.

With its outstanding functionality, genius Prepd App, and well thought out features, the Prepd Pack outperforms your average brown paper sack in nearly every category. For those who have been wanting to eat healthier in a hassle-free way, this is your destination.

Another plus for the Prepd Pack is that it is made from eco-friendly recycled materials, similar to the que Bottle. Choosing this product helps decrease the size of the great carbon footprint.

The Prepd Pack


The innovative bento box-style lunchbox is made from bamboo and polymer molded into a modular shape. Its shape makes it versatile and easy to store. It also gives the exact portion size you should be eating for each meal.

The bamboo on the top of the container folds down and creates a mat. Perfect for you to put your containers on while you eat. With the containers, the pack weighs about 1.75 pounds not including food. When you buy you get the Pred Pack case, 1 large container, 2 small containers, and a set of chopsticks.

It is important to note that because of the bamboo material on the Prepd Pack, the pack itself should not be put in the fridge, freezer, or microwave. However, the containers inside the pack may go into all three.

All wash and care information comes in a care booklet along with your Prepd Pack.

The Prepd App


With the lunchbox comes the Prepd App. The app includes recipes portioned to fit the containers, a nutrition calculator for your meals, and a custom shopping list based on which recipes you choose to make.

The recipes are separated into categories. These are based on your health goals, how much time and effort you want to put into your prepping, and any dietary restrictions you have.

Once you select the recipe, you have the option to create a shopping list. The app makes it easy to plan out and prepare healthy, well-portioned meals.  


The app also includes the Prepd Pack Community.  This is where you can share your meal creations and talk with other members of the Prepd Pack Community. You can help each other reach health goals, get tips on specific recipes, or find some health fitness friends.

The app also matches up with the iPhone’s Healthkit to track the nutritional value of everything you eat, making you your very own Personal Nutritionist. The company will also be offering the option of syncing with Google Fit in the near future.

The app can be downloaded on any device, including both iOS and Android.

The Modular Containers


Made from BPA-free plastic, these smart containers come in many different sizes. With the initial purchase of a Prepd Pack comes one large container and two small containers. This means you can pack a large meal with two sides. However, more containers can be purchased at an extra cost on the Prepd Pack’s website.

Lightweight and transparent, these containers can be put in the dishwasher, fridge, freezer, or microwave. Made from a premium plastic, they are very durable.


However, like any plastic, they can be scratched, so avoid using overly sharp utensils inside the containers. They are stackable, odor resistant, and stain resistant. They are completely leak-proof, so no need to worry about opening up your lunchbox to find your meal splashed all over.

The containers are also perfectly portioned in size so that despite which or how many containers you use for your meal, you will have a perfectly portioned meal.

The Magnetic Cutlery


With the Prepd Pack’s magnetic cutlery, you never have to worry about losing your forks ever again. These magnetic pieces play a huge part in the functionality of the Prepd Pack. The set comes with a knife, fork, and spoon that latch onto one another when you pack them away.

The only downside of having magnetic cutlery is making sure you don’t place your fork and knife together too closely when digging into your steak.

The Prepd Pack initially comes with a set of bamboo chopsticks, but the magnetic cutlery can be purchased at an extra cost.

The Sleeve

Another great feature of the Prepd Pack comes in the form of a sleeve. The Sleeve, made from neoprene materials, is an insulated carrier for the Prepd Pack to keep your food nice and warm for long commutes. It also works well to keep food cool and fresh.

That said, the sleeve is not meant to keep food cool or warm for a full 24 hours. It is meant to last long enough until you can find a fridge or eat your lunch when you arrive.

The Cool Sticks


Unlike the ice packs you grew up with, the Prepd Pack’s cool sticks are small, thin sticks you can easily find room for in your freezer.

After a night of cooling, the sticks can be clipped into the sides of the Prepd Pack to keep your food fresh while you commute to work.

Like a regular ice pack, the cool sticks only offer temporary cooling. For their size, however, they pack quite the cooling punch. For the most insulated food, use both the cool sticks and sleeve together.

The Prepd Pack: Cost and Shipping

The Prepd Pack – $79 (includes 1 prepd pack case, 1 large container + saucepot, 2 small containers, and 1 set of chopsticks)

Container Set – $25

Cool Sticks – $10

The Sleeve – $15

Chopsticks – $9

Magnetic Cutlery – $10

The Prepd Company offers free international shipping for all orders. Because the company is still in its starting stages, it may take a few months for the product to arrive. Updates on the product can be sent to you by email when you purchase a product. Or you can check its Kickstarter Page.

For more information, FAQs, and reviews for the product visit The Prepd Pack’s Official Website.

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