If You Want to Increase Your Productivity and Overall Happiness, Check Out the Panda Planner


There are always movements around the world that focus on happiness. Ideas behind the philosophy of mindfulness place a heavy focus on being present and aware in every moment.

It is a philosophy for the modern, busy world that encourages individuals to not get caught up in life without really living it. The key to living mindfully is to incorporate it into everyday life.

The Panda Planner Pro does just that. It creates a way for individuals to live more aware, happy, and productive lives. The Panda Planner incorporates scientific studies on motivation and happiness to create a highly effective planner.

The Panda Planner sits on the premise that people have the ability to achieve their goals, they just do not have the proper system to assist them.

No matter what the goal may be, the Panda Planner seeks to create a planning system that reinforces positive thinking to achieve those goals.

Losing weight, reaching company goals, or just living more positively can all be more easily achieved with the assistance of the Panda Planner.

It fulfills the acts of a smartphone and productivity apps without the distractions that plague technology.

What Sets the Panda Planner Pro Apart from Other Planners?

The Panda Planner is divided into three sections: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. It has a section to plan every moment of every day as well as a way to look ahead into the future.

The Daily Section


Morning Review

This reinforces positivity in your life by forcing you to focus what you are grateful for in your life. Studies have shown that cultivating habits of optimism create happier and more positive individuals.


This forces you to pick the top three to five tasks that should be completed by the end of the day. By looking at the tasks as small goals, it makes it easier to complete.

The priorities should be seen as non-negotiable that will be completed. Ideally, they could be completed in less than an hour and followed by a short break.


This section creates an hour by hour play of your day. This makes it easier to see open time slots and make sure that less time is wasted.


This is for small errands that need to be completed throughout the day as well as a notes section for any helpful reminders and tips for yourself throughout the day.

End of the Day Review

This section looks at the big wins of the day. This helps to reduce stress by looking at the challenges at were faced and conquered throughout the day.

The Weekly Review Section


The Weekly section provides an area to reflect on the past week as well as plan ahead for larger weekly projects.

Last Week

Essentially this is an area to focus on the big wins of last week. This works as a positive reinforcement of the achievements that occurred recently.

How I’ll Improve

This mainly focuses on seeing the bright side to things that may have not gone so well.

The accumulation of these small improvements will help to lead to bigger changes over time.

Things I Will Do To Make This Week Great

In order to live a happy life, an active effort needs to be made. By planning on how you will make your week better, you are setting yourself up for a better week.

I’m Looking Forward To

By writing down what you are looking forward to you are creating a mini reward system for yourself. It creates something to work towards.

Habits I’m Focusing On Developing

Positive habits are important as they make major impacts on our lives. Yet they are also often small elements that are easy to forget. This section will help you bring them to the forefront of your mind.

Education / Mastery

Learn something new! If you ever wanted to learn something, in particular, there is no better time than now.

Passion Project

As important as work is, it is also equally important to schedule time in for doing something that you love.


The top 4 projects that you are working on are listed here. This section helps you create a big picture idea of what should be in your daily priorities section.

Top Goals this Week

Make sure to create reasonable goals! This way you can feel as though you are achieving something even if it is smaller in order to get to your bigger goals.

The Monthly Review Section


This is the classic calendar view so you can be aware of all the big things occurring.


Not everything in a planner needs to be work related. On the contrary, the Panda Planner gives you the space to focus on important things in life. For instance, you can focus on having a better work/life balance

Daily Habit

Daily habits are the best formed when they are kept track of every day. For instance, if you want to improve your physical health, starting with changing your daily habits is important.


This is for any thoughts floating through your mind that need to be written down!

This Month’s Goals

Identify the top three goals that you want to accomplish by the end of this month.

Success Measured By

In order to achieve results, you need to have a way to measure them. Make sure that you do this for yourself!

Distractions To Avoid

The best way to avoid distractions that hinder your productivity is to become aware of them. If you find yourself checking Facebook without realizing or scrolling through Twitter when you should be working, become aware of these distractions and try to create a separate time for them so they can be seen as a reward rather than as a distraction.

This Month’s Wins

Look back at the fun memories of the past month! It is easy to forget all the happiness in our lives.

Insights Gained

Reflect on the experiences and lessons that you have learned over the past week. Take these with you as you go forward to plan the rest of your month.

The Panda Planner Pro Offers Superior Style and Design

The Panda Planner itself is a book of sleek design. It will find itself a place amongst any aesthetically pleasing desk.

The cover is made of a black leather PU material that is flexible, soft, and not made with any animal products. It has a simple, elegant panda logo engraved in the front.

The size of the planner is 8.5″ x 11″, or the perfect size for daily use. In total it has 240 pages including 183 daily pages, 26 weekly reviews, and 12 monthly reviews. The pages themselves are fairly thick to prevent bleed-through.

Part of the charm of the Panda Planner is that it does not contain marked dates. It creates a fresh starting point for goals and new ideas no matter when you wish to start.

The Panda Planner wants to have the individual focus on the quality of their lives, so it is fitting the quality of the product is also commendable.

The Story Behind Creating the Panda Planner Pro

The origins of the Panda Planner started with Michael Leip’s deeply rooted frustration in his inability to achieve his goals. After battling with Lyme Disease and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) he found himself riddled with anxiety and depression.

This swirl of troubles made it difficult for Leip to focus on his daily goals. In order to deal with his anxiety and depression, he searched for the tools that would be able to assist him.

Quickly, Leip delved into research on productivity, happiness, and motivation. The result of this conglomeration of knowledge is the Panda Planner.

Leip himself saw improvement in the organization and productivity of his own life. His personal success with the Panda Planner motivated him to launch a new business.

In July of 2015, he teamed up with a printer to create the first copies the Panda Planner. In March 2016 the Panda Planner Kickstarter was created with all the ordered Panda Planner being shipped out by May 2016.

Final Thoughts on the Panda Planner Pro

Personally, I have been trying in the past year to incorporate the philosophy of mindfulness into my everyday life. I have tried to live more aware of every moment, good and bad, that life may throw at me.

When I first saw the Panda Planner Kickstarter page I was drawn to it because it did not create a planner quarantined from human life and emotion.

It embraced the human necessity for motivation and improvement into a daily formula. What really drew me to it was the “I’m grateful section” because I find it essential to really reflect on all the positivity in my life.

It is easy to fall into pessimism in life and focus on the things that are going wrong. The Panda Planner serves as a daily reminder to choose optimism.

In that way, it creates a more positive lifestyle, quite a heavy feat for a planner.

Paulina Smolinski

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