Learn How to Pack Light the Easy Way with These Minimalist Travel Tips


Packing is probably one of the most dreaded things when planning a trip. I will agree that packing is not the most fun thing to do.

There is some significant stress that goes into packing. Whether it’s what to pack, what not to pack, how to efficiently cram all your stuff in your luggage, or simply just getting to the point where you give up you just pack whatever!

As terrible as packing may be, there are some tips that can greatly reduce the nuisance of packing. By practicing minimalist travel and packing less, you’ll set yourself up for stress-free travel.  

Make a Minimalist Packing List

While this may seem like an annoying thing to do for your trip, it can help you. 

Writing a list can help you distinguish what you should and shouldn’t bring along on your trip.

Write a list with what you think you could possibly need. At this step, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you will need it or not.

After you are done, go back, and review the list and compare it to the size of your carry-on that you are taking with you. Think about what is going to fit in it, and what you truly do need rather than what you think you need.

Believe me, spending a few extra minutes making a list will be better than stressing out about what to pack for your trip.

Choose the Right Size Luggage for Minimalist Travel

Your luggage should be the second thing that you focus on regarding having a minimalist trip. More specifically the size of your luggage is what you should really be focusing on.

Do not take luggage bigger than a travel carry-on. This will help reduce any overwhelming desire to over pack.

If we have luggage that is significantly large, we will just tend to pack that thing to its brim. Having your luggage be the size of a carry-on will just aid you in minimalist packing.

However, if one bag doesn’t feel like enough, there’s one thing you can do. Bring a second bag that is of equal size to the first one.

So, if you have one piece of luggage that is a carry-on, make sure that the second one you bring with you is also carry-on sized luggage.

If you happen to take a second bag with you that is bigger, it will create the sense of needing to fill up the bag all the way. Seeing you have a larger bag will make you want to pack the bag to its fullest. It is just something that most people do!

Packing a smaller bag helps in reducing you to only packing the essentials. Not only that, it will also be beneficial if you are traveling to a tourist area where you can purchase souvenirs.

If you only packed the essentials, there will be plenty of room for you to pack those souvenirs. This won’t leave you stressing out about how you are going to possibly fit another thing in the bag that looks like it may burst from its seams!

Pick the Perfect Minimalist Clothing

Do you really need that extra outfit or the extra pairs of shirts you just packed? What about those shoes? While these are all questions that may be pounding in the back of our heads, there are some simple ways to avoid packing all those extra clothes you want to pack so badly.

While it may be tempting to pack more clothes, this isn’t the most efficient way to travel light. Now, if you’re like me, you may have that same constant question going through your mind as you pack your clothes.

What if something happens and I didn’t pack enough extra clothes? If this question keeps coming up in your mind, remember that there are laundromats and that you can always go to one to wash your clothes!

What if something happens and I didn’t pack enough extra clothes? If this question keeps coming up in your mind, remember that there are laundromats and that you can always go to one to wash your clothes!

So, if that imaginary spilling your drink on your nice clothes situation does come to life, rest assured you can wash the stain out.

Some key elements to keep in mind when packing clothes is to pack clothes that are comfortable and lightweight.

This helps is minimalist packing. You can go far in terms of outfit ideas, with packing just a few bottoms and a couple of lightweight shirts.

Also, remember to pack at least two good pairs of shoes that can go with any of the endless outfit options that you have packed. Don’t go overboard and pack seven pairs of shoes for each day you will be at your destination!

My mother would always pack different shoes for each day she was going to be at our destination! As outrageous and unbelievable as that may seem, she would always say that she needed different shoes for different outfits.

Believe me when I say you really don’t need a different pair of shoes for each outfit. Plus, packing more shoes than necessary will more than likely cause you to pack your shoes separately from everything else!

Keep it Minimal with Your Toiletries

My parents always stood by a firm rule when it came to packing toiletries. We can just buy whatever we need at our destination! 

This was due mostly to the fact that we had so much luggage filled with essentials only. 

They didn’t really want to go to the trouble of packing an extra small bag for toiletries. Which, of course, I couldn’t blame them for, the packing process can be tiring and just annoying.

Buying your toiletries where you will be staying is easy and doable. Another thing that can be done is buying the small one dollar travel sized toothpaste and such. 

Buy empty containers to fill your shampoo and conditioner in. Or buy the smaller sized version of deodorant, toothpaste, wash clothes, etc. This can save you more room and more time when packing.

Final Thoughts on Minimalist Travel

While packing can be annoying and time-consuming, I know for me personally, following these tips has greatly reduced the stress of packing. I know now how to tackle the somewhat complicated idea of packing light by following these tips.

Now, packing isn’t so terrible for me anymore and hopefully, not for you anymore either! Just remember one thing about packing: Make it light and easy.

Ana Marquez

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