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Did you know that the best traveling does not always involve movement?

There are many ways to experience places you have never explored without going to them.
You can read a book, watch a movie or even listen to a song. But, one of the best ways to explore is by listening to a travel podcasts.

Travel podcasts capture the beauty of exploration in a way that seems like you are there. You get to feel how it feels to visit some cool places and get tips to prepare for when you actually go. 

The following article lists the best seven travel podcasts out right now.  They list is in alphabetical order for they are all great podcasts and too difficult to rank.

Begin your exploration by finding which podcast is best for you!

1. Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler podcast is nowhere near amateur!

Host, Chris Christensen, has over 400 destination-themed podcasts. Each one is unique and covers every aspect of any trip!

This podcast offers facts and tips to help when traveling to any destination. You learn what to eat, what to do, where to go and how much it will cost. Christensen gives first-hand experience and his expert guests offer even more information. Christensen also has blogs and iTunes enhanced podcasts to go with each show.

The Amateur Traveler is an award-winning podcast as well. The podcast has won many awards including a Lowell Thomas Award for Travel. Christensen also won a Travel + Leisure SMITTY Award for “Best Independent Travel Journalist”

2. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra Pack of Peanuts is the traveler’s guide to spending less and traveling more!

Host, Travis Sherry, and his wife, Heather, have flown to Rio for $5 and stayed in mansions for free. In their podcasts, they teach all their travel hacks to their listeners in a fun and entertaining way.

The show offers tips for car rentals, packing, eating, activities and hotel accommodations. They have cost-effective solutions to every aspect of travel.

Sherry also highlights specific destinations in his Destination Diary. The first-hand experience is insightful.

Sherry is hilarious and his presentation style is very personal. His enthusiasm for travel is infectious.  The amazing special guests also help make you a travel pro.  

3. Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda Martin are full-time travelers from New Zealand. They are also the hosts of the Indie Travel Podcast.

They started over ten years ago recording their first show from St. Albans, England. They have been taking us on their personal travel journey since then. Their show gives many tips about travel from avoiding mistakes to eating healthy on the road.

Their shows range from particular themes to specific destinations and everything between. They share interesting stories and practical advice from every continent in the world.

4. This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel is a roundtable discussion amongst travel experts. The three established hosts are Chris Christensen, Gary Arndt, and Jen Leo.

The three discuss travel news with leading travel writers, bloggers, and podcasters. They also discuss the travel industry reflecting on their experiences within the industry.

The three hosts have so much travel experience and life knowledge. Their discussions are very intellectual, entertaining and informative. The hosts are very wise and respected in the travel community.

They have shows on their website, but their most recent installments are on iTunes. Below is a link to the

5. Travel Tales

This podcast takes an interesting approach to travel tips and information. Host and professional comedian, Mike Siegel, brings a guest onto the show every week to talk.

The interviewees give information through their real life experiences. It is a fun and entertaining way to learn about different cultures. Each story is true and informative, but their purpose is to entertain while teaching.

The comedic presence of Siegel helps to keep listeners engaged, and each story is special. The personalities shine through the podcast without effort.

6. Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves is the host and writer of over a hundred public television travel shows. He is also the author of 30 best-selling guidebooks.

His podcasts reflect his professionalism, for the production quality is outstanding. The background music works so well with his topics, adding another dimension to his sound.

The information is so unique and interesting. His guests have expansive knowledge on the topics, and you learn so much from the podcasts.

Steves’ podcasts cover a wide range of topics. Each podcast is an in-depth history and cultural lesson along with a travel lesson.

Rick Steves is a very cultured host and his conversations are always fascinating.

7. Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel is an amazing show hosted by Jason Moore. He uses exciting topics featuring interviews with many adventurers sharing their incredible stories.

His information is informative and Moore does not only share information on traveling.  Moore gives advice on how to travel cheap and actually live on the road.

Moore’s experiences are unique due to his past career as a music tour manager.  His commentary is also very creative due to this musical influence.  

This is an enjoyable podcast where Moore’s passion for travel shines through in every episode.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some great podcasts that were too good to leave out of this article!

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Betty the Flight Attendant takes you on a journey around the world.  Her funny airplane stories give you a look at travel that you have never experienced before. This podcast is on her website below and on iTunes.

Strangers Abroad

Adrien Behn hosts this podcast.  It is a collection of her conversations with strangers from around the globe.  It is quite adventurous and a wonderful first-hand look at travel. 

The Tropical MBA

The Tropical MBA Podcast gives information about traveling and building a multinational business. Hosts, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, invite successful traveling entrepreneurs onto the show. These expert impart knowledge about growing a business and traveling to do it.

Final Thoughts on Our List of Favorite Travel Podcasts

Now that you know about these 10 great travel podcasts, you are ready for any adventure that comes your way!

You can find all the wonderful tips you need for every vacation situation! And, the descriptions are so vivid that you can experience the beauty of a place before you ever arrive.

You can lie on your bed and still go on the journey of a lifetime! All you have to do is press play.

Let the podcasts guide you as you journey through life!

Explore them! Discover the things you’ve never seen! Embrace adventure and enjoy the ride!

Ivan Rome

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